Healers' Blend
Aromatherapy of Aura

MysticAura™ brings Pranic Aromatherapy in form of essential oil blends for diffusing. The purpose of MysticAura is to use aromatherapy for elevated sense of well-being by impacting chakras of human body. MysticAura only blends healing grade essential oils. MysticAura hand blends healing grade essential oils with precision to bring the desired impact of the products.

MysticAura bring nature's essence to you. Historically, the knowledge about essential oils was limited to Royal families. When Cleopatra had to win over a king, she used Neroli and Jasmine oils to purify her royal aura to meet the needs of her Kingdom. However, in modern times, this know how is limited to some families. MysticAura intends to bring you this precious knowledge for diffusing in the right corners of your home and office


Essentials of Essential Oils

Therapeutic versus Healing Grade Essential oils

Essential oils are coded communication lines of nature. A rose exists for attracting hence the rose essential oil has the natural ability to attract, love and embrace. In our daily lives, we can embrace this intelligence of the essential oils to embrace our superior pre-existing faculties for our well being and at workplaces to stay elevated

We create Therapeutic Grade custom blends that will work for you, your family and for your office space. The therapeutic Grade becomes healing grade when the oils are exposed to positive energies to heal the world