Healing Essential Oils Blends for Healthy Living

MysticAura blends healing grade Essential Oils for households to elevate quality of life by purifying chakras in human aura.

The Concept

Essentials of Essential Oils

Essential oils are coded communication lines of nature. A rose exists for attracting hence the rose essential oil has the natural ability to attract, love and embrace. In our daily lives, we can embrace this intelligence of the essential oils to embrace our superior pre-existing faculties for our well being and at workplaces to stay elevated

Therapeutic Grade Blends

We create custom blends that will work for you, your family and for your office space. If you have specific goals to achieve- relationship, business, spiritual, materialistic, do write to us. We will craft, energize and send you a potent blend that can respond to your needs. All you need to do is Diffuse them! 

MysticAura bring nature's essence to you

Historically, the knowledge about essential oils was limited to Royal families. When Cleopatra had to win over a king, she used Neroli and Jasmine oils to purify her royal aura to meet the needs of her Kingdom. However, in modern times, this know how is limited to some families. MysticAura intends to bring you this precious knowledge packed in a bottles for diffusing in the right corners of your home and office

Our Origins


MysticAura is a brainchild of a Human Resource Consultant who learnt pranic healing and explored the pranic properties of essential oils out interest.

In last one decade, we have gathered consulting experience for global clients on complex technology and Organization Behaviour problems and 5 years of interest and training in understanding that there is more to life than what meets the eye. 

The intuitive ability to assess essential oils and professional experience HR Management Consulting converged to form MysticAura, the essential oils blending company that engineers these oils for high performing workplaces

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